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Deep House is a style of house music characterized by slower tempos and a more soulful approach to vocals and melodies. Deep house tracks usually range from 110 bpm to 124 bpm, and feature organic drums, synths, basslines, and sometimes live instrumentation. Deep house can be recognized by its understated atmosphere; the lack of synthesized effects such as reverb or delay commonly heard in other forms of house music, and its use of spacey melodic elements such as dissonant harmonies.

Deep House generally employs a 4/4 beat, off-beat snares and sub-bass layered kick drums. It can also be described as emotive and melodic in nature with soulful inflections, having qualities attributed to other genres such as big room house or UK garage. Deep House has a tempo between 120 and 135 beats per minute, slightly slower than the common 130 to 150 BPM typically found in house music.

Deep house has been highly influential on subsequent genres such as techno, progressive house and ambient music.

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