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Tech House Music is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by a "funky" bassline and drums, funky synths and a "deep" sound. Tech House is sometimes called "House", but not to be confused with the Chicago House style. Tech house is a much looser term and describes many different kinds of electronic music.

Tech House was originally defined by its "deepness" of sound - often very dark, deep basslines and minimal, sometimes distorted, kick drums. By the late '90s, Tech House had branched out into several sub-genres, mainly Minimal and Deep. In the early 21st century, Tech House has taken on a new meaning - it is now used to describe almost any kind of house with an upbeat tempo that is at least 130 beats per minute (or bpm)

A typical Tech House track will have a strong 4/4 beat (although there are some exceptions to this), a deep bassline with minimal mid-range synths or sometimes none at all. It will usually have a dark feeling to the track, yet still maintain its upbeat rhythm. Generally speaking tech house tracks don't have long breakdowns or huge builds – they just stay strong throughout the entire track.

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