The Techno music genre is one of the most popular electronic dance music genres. It has its origins in Chicago, where it was first played by artists like Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson at raves that took place in warehouses, clubs, and private parties.

Techno Peak Time Music

Download Techno Peak Time Music is a subgenre of techno which is most played during the peak time in the night. Techno music is derived from electronic music genres of Detroit techno, German techno, and European techno.

Techno is characterized by a fast tempo that ranges between 125 to 150 BPM. The main theme of this genre is dancing, partying, and pure enjoyment. Some of the most famous artists in the world of techno include Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Underground Resistance and Aphex Twin.

Techno music contains some unique features like four to the floor beat, hi-hat on beats 2 and 4, offbeat bass drum and occasional usage of siren synth or cymbal sounds. It also contains repetitive patterns for creating an hypnotic effect on the listeners. Techno has different subgenres like minimal techno, Detroit techno, electro-techno, tech house, acid house, hardcore techno, techstep and hardstyle etc.

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